Monday, July 26, 2010

Hada Labo High Tea Event

Recently I have attended a high tea event, which organize by Hada Labo!! yes, is in the fb.. (nowdays fb have many many freebiz and event!) if you have time, explore yourself more.. (not in the pet society, hotel city or baking shop ok!! ==')

Hada Labo is a No.1 Lotion Brand in Japan, which sold 1 bottle of lotion every 4 seconds! You can guess how Japanese girl/lady/woman lik this brand so much...

I been register on the hada labo website for a free 9ml lotion trial! Surprise me, they send it to me very fast.. i try on, is a WOW!! my face feel so hydrated.. you just need a small amount (yes, very very small amount; around 5 cents coin i belive), and its enough for your whole face (yes, even i have a huge face); then keep on patting your face, to let the lotion absord completely.

See here:-

very easy rite?? all you need to do just pat and will feel sticky, yes sticky! but no worry, its actually make the lotion more easy to absorb by your skin.

All the information I actually learn in this Hada labo high tea event. We have it in Fukuya, a very fine japanese restaurant. click here

They really serve nice beverage and sashimi.. i was so surprise that I just pay a RM20 for the registration fees and i get all these for FOC.. let see what we eat!!

Hold your air liur.. i know you really jealous of i have been!! wakaka... ya, the sashimi is so fresh that i wish i can finish the whole things by myself! Anywhere, we share among 4 of us in a table.
Beside eating, i also put an attention on what the MD talking about! I learn what is Super Hyaluronic Acid...
For AHA+BHA cleanser lover, be prepare.. the foam type cleanser will be coming out on Sept, get ready to grab a few!! you will defenitely love it~~ (i try on the cleanser, damn satify!! no fragrance, oil free, alcohol free.. abit like egg smell, very very smooth!)

Surprise and surprise... everybody get a goodies bag before we go home!! I shout, when I saw the organizer Hada Labo are so kind/generous... giving us their new arrival product which is all in the full size, the Facial Mist (guardian selling RM30++), Lip Balm (RM20++), Moisturizing Cream (RM60++) and lotz of sample!!

No worry, if you didnt attend the event this time; there will be lotz more hada labo event in the future, as what i heard..they will organize another one someday in October!! or you can stay tune in wonder life for any update.. see you!

Love, Cindy

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